Now You See Me 2 Release Date

Now You See Me 2 release date

Now You See Me 2 release date is discussed. What to expect from this movie?

Now You See Me do wonders in literal and figural sense. In addition, will we see the sequel of this exciting thriller very soon? Well, until official confirmation of the start of filming of the sequel is not, but given the huge success and encouraging hints at a continuation of the first film directed by Louis Leterrier, you can count on the second part! After the first Now You See Me with a budget of $ 75 million, it has managed to collect around the world more than 350 million.

Now You See Me 2 release date is discussed

It is interesting to note that even when filming the first part of "Now You See Me" team of creators realized how great potential hidden in it, and decided to adjust the script are out to tell the story of two high-grade films. And if you believe the words of the director Louis Leterrier – that from the beginning he thought about the shootings continue.
Now You See Me 2 release date is expected in summer of 2016.
DVD release of Now You See Me 2 release date is autumn of 2016.

Now You See Me 2 release date on Bluray will happen in 2017.
Writers continued the story of Now You See Me that is likely to remain the same people who were involved and the first part, namely Josh Appelbaum and K. It should be noted that Applebaum was the main writer of one of the "Mission Impossible", and more specifically – “Ghost Protocol” released in 2011. Tape received a large number of high awards and earned at the box office serious money – nearly $ 695 million.
But with the cast may have problems – from insider sources comes the information that Isla Fisher, who plays Henley Reeves, refuses to participate in the filming of Now You See Me 2. The reason – a very full schedule, the actress is now removed at the same time in two scenes. Option to replace it may be best known for Kristen Stewart from the vampire saga Twilight.
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