New Star Trek Movie Release Date

New Star Trek movie release date
New Star Trek movie release date was confirmed. There is no doubt that JJ Abrams will shoot a new Star Trek movie following the sci-fi film "Star Trek: Into Darkness” in 2013.
Reboot of the franchise in the first part in 2009 far exceeded the expectations of most fans (and presented crew of the spaceship USS Enterprise for the whole new generation). Four long years have passed since the release of this film. A long-standing mystery about the film’s plot (a villain played by Benedict Cumberbatch) finally began to seep into the mass, but with the recent announcement that Abrams may withdraw and the third film, the question is when will the favorite of fans of sci-fi titanium – “Star Trek 3”?
Offical confirmation: 
Digital Spy recently wrote the words Abrams and his production partner Brian Burke about what fans can expect the third part of the adventure the ship’s crew and how long they have to wait for "Star Trek 3". Here is what he said: "We like the idea of secrecy is not for any other reason than to wait a long time going to the movies and do not see anything once there. In the process, we employ all five producers working together, Roberto Orci and Damon Lindelof, to a lesser extent".
Despite the upcoming work on the Star Wars 7, Burke said that there is a plan to remove and release of Star Trek 3 in theaters faster than its predecessor, especially given that 2016 is a landmark release for the 50th anniversary of the original series Gene Roddenberry.

New Star Trek movie release date was confirmed

"We’re definitely talking about next year, but we have not talked about the release date. We do not want to wait four years, the same time interval between the first and this, and [2016] will be a great year to celebrate, we hope".
According to the latest survey may begin as early as 2014. Zachary Quinto said on this occasion: "Star Trek 3 should already be removed, I believe next year. This will be done much faster than the last. That is the plan, although nothing is confirmed".
Based on this comment, it sounds like Abrams and company can take aim for the next release of his movie in the cinemas.

New Star Trek movie release date will be in March 2016.
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