National Treasure 3 Release Date

National Treasure 3 release date

National Treasure 3 release date will definitely happen next year. Get the details below.

Recall that the first adventure movie National Treasure was made by Disney and released in 2004 and brought together about 347 million dollars, the second part was published in 2007 and at the box office earned about 457 million dollars. So the creators of the project intend to return to this franchise, making it the complete trilogy.


The plot of Nationals Treasure 3 has not been disclosed. Recall that the previous two movies of the franchise have been associated with the most important events in the history of the United States. Thus, in the second scene, we are dealing with a notebook of John Wilkes Booth, an assassin known as President Abraham Lincoln. The diary was encrypted, so that for many years in the family Gates, whose ancestor received this notebook, deciphering records was something of a debt. The movie’s protagonist – Ben Gates – conducts his own investigation, which leads him to Paris and England. He will visit at the French copy of the Statue of Liberty and Buckingham Palace, the White House and the secret caves of Mount Rushmore.
However, as we know, despite the fact that the hero can stop the villain and find the treasure, the movie has an open ending. After all, the hero falls into the hands of the infamous Book of Secrets, the existence of which is known only to the President of the United States, and this book provides not only information about the treasures of Mount Rushmore … So the writers of the franchise quite a wide choice as to the direction of the next investigation.

National Treasure 3 release date will definitely happen next year

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Actually, there is no historical accuracy viewers did not expect any of the first tapes, nor of the future. The main thing – the dynamics, adventure, breathtaking, charismatic villains (in the first movie villain Sean Bean played, and in the second – Ed Harris). So the creators of the franchise under the condition of a successful casting have all chances to repeat the success of the first two tapes, or even surpass themselves.
However, the director of the previous two movies Jon Turteltaub has already officially announced that they are preparing the shooting of the third movie. It is still unclear and the issue with the casting. Recall that in the previous tape were busy Nicolas Cage, Diane Kruger, Helen Mirren, Jon Voight and Ed Harris.
National Treasure 3 release date is expected in the first half 2016.
National Treasure 3 release date on DVD and Bluray is expected in Q3 of 2016.
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