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Namhansanseong is a brilliant film with the historical background. It will present you the story, which will be estimated by adults. The film Namhansanseong will appear in broadcast in the year of 2017, so very soon you will enjoy it at all.


The main cast of actors includes only talented and experienced people. Among them you will see the following ones:

  • Lee Byung-hun.
  • Kim Yoon-Seok.
  • Park Hae-il.
  • Co CyKo Soo.

In the role of producer and director of such film, you will see Hwang Dong-hook.


The events of this cinema masterpiece take place in Chosen in the year of 1636. Here you will see the king Ingo, who had foreseen the capture of the capital. King Ingo decided to bunker with all the people, who live here in the walls of the greatest castle, which was built on the Nam has a mountain many years ago.

Here you will see a really beautiful castle with the rocky walls, in which the people can be in safety. In order to guarantee, that everything will be all right and there will be no victims. Here they use the power of 13800 warriors and 3000 monarchs, who are also called as bodyguards.

But everything was easy for them to the time, until they have fresh water and products. When the 1.5 months passed away, everything ends and there was no other variant for them as to use the possibility and know more about the food, which is not so far from the castle.

Here you will see, what can people do in different unexpectable situations – they can manage with everything, but the only reason, which they have to escape from it – they are afraid of the hunger and that is a really great problem.

In order to save the life of thousands of people, the bravest ones must do their best and the results of their work will be amazing. Pay attention to the end of the film – it is really extravagant and you will be surprised by it.


If you want to estimate each moment of your life, you must watch this brilliant film, when it will appear in the broadcast. Here you will see a lot of interesting events and situations, which sometimes can be too hard to understand. But if the people will do their best and think over it, you will see, that everything will be okay. The amazing plot will be so exciting for you and you will understand it from the first minute.

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Namhansanseong 3

Namhansanseong Mountain Fortress (남한산성)

Namhansanseong, UNESCO World Heritage in Korea

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