Namhansanseong (2017)

The east, as we know, is full of legends and stories, many of which have survived to the present day and known to a wide circle of people, and some have become forgotten. The creators of a South Korean project Namhansanseong decided to remind people of the story that tells of the power of people’s spirit and of what they are capable. The film is scheduled to be released in the current year 2017, but the exact release date is still unknown. On an upcoming film a lot of viewers’ attention is focused on, as it is infrequently possible to meet such a large-scale film of the eastern production with battle scenes and grandiose battles. If the film meets the expectations, it is likely to become one of the most memorable eastern pictures of 2017.

Production Info and Cast

Namhansanseong is directed by a South Korean director and filmmaker wang Dong-hyeok famous for his other projects which also deserved viewers’ recognition.
Namhansanseong Movie Spoiler
The actors who are going to be presented in the future film are such personalities as:

  • Lee Byung-hun (he plays the role of Choi Myung-Kil);
  • Park Hae-il (his character is King Injo);
  • Ko Soo (presents Seo Nal-Shwe);
  • Kim Yun-seok (his character is Kim Sang-Hun);
  • Park Hee-soon (he plays the role of Lee Shi-Baek).

The main distributor of the cinema responsible for its release and developing among the audience is CJ Enterntainment.

Plot Review

The action of the cinema takes place in the 17th century, in 1636. Manchu army is about to attack Choson. These data are known by King Injo, who suspects the attack on the capital, and he gives the order to take up defensive positions inside an ancient fortress, situated on a mountain top Namhansan. Strong walls of this construction provide protection from the enemy, and a large number of defenders do not give the invaders to get inside. But resources at the defending side are limited; they are short of food and water. The fortress steadfastly makes all attacks during the month and a half, and when the morale of the defenders is already very weak, the trickiest defenders within the walls of the fortress start to think a plot against their brethren.

Viewers’ Interest and Soon Release

The audience around the world is eager to know when Namhansanseong is going to be released. The date hasn’t been officially presented by the authors, but according to the current information the movie is to air at the end of 2017. Stay tuned to make sure if this news are true or not and to get various interesting facts regarding the upcoming film.


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