My Cousin Rachel (2017)

A filmed adaptation of Daphne Du Maurier’s famous novel viewers will soon see on the screen. An upcoming joint project of Britain and America My Cousin Rachel, having the same name as the book, will be released on the world’s screens pretty soon. Maurier’s admirers know the story and look forward to watching the characters of the book, and all those of their emotions, which are so clearly depicted in the novel. The premiere of My Cousin Rachel is planned for July 14, 2017, and this date seems to be final. If the creators are able to reveal all the dramatic effect of the story, the audience will find out quite soon.

Creators Crew

My Cousin Rachel (2017) Spoiler
The man who borrowed Daphne Du Maurier’s and turned it into a filmed story is Roger Michell, a South African filmmaker. He has developed the plot of his film himself using only a written story, and he’s its only scriptwriter.
But there a few produces helping Michell in developing the project and trying their best to promote the movie in mass media. These people doing an important work are the following ones:

  • Kevin Loader;
  • Enrico Ballarin;
  • Anita Overland.

For the film to be produced on time two production companies are working: Fox Searchlight Pictures and Free Range Films. The main distributing company of My Cousin Rachel is still the same Fox Searchlight Pictures.

Brief Review and Cast

A young man from England named Philip is obsessed with a feeling of revenge. The object of his hate is his young and attractive cousin Rachel, who, according to him, brutally butchered with his legal guardian. But against his will a man falls under the spell of a girl and can not resist her almost magical charms. Will he do what he wants or give up his plan? How will the relationship of the guy and his cousin develop? Finally, whether the film version is the same interesting as the book? The answers to all these questions viewers will learn very soon.
My Cousin Rachel (2017) Cast
In the film take part good actors forming a professional cast. Among them are worth mentioning such as:

  • Sam Claflin presents Philip;
  • Rachel Weisz plays the role of Rachel;
  • Andrew Knott, whose character is Joshua;
  • Poppy Lee Friar who presents Mary Pascoe;
  • Tristram Davies in the role of Wellington and others.

Viewers’ Expectations and Soon Premiere

Originally the air date of the film was set for May 5, 2017, but due to some problems or other reasons the terms were changed and now an official release is scheduled July 14, 2017. The public is eager to watch was the authors has made, and they believe that this work is really worth watching. Stay tuned not to forget and miss the debut and receive interesting news and facts regarding My Cousin Rachel from the creators themselves.


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