Mulan 3 Release Date

Mulan 3 release date

Mulan 3 release date was confirmed by Disney. Read and discuss the news below.

The popular Disney project Mulan about the heroic Chinese girl going to the war in search of his lover will get the third movie. Mulan 3 premiere will be directed by the talented Darryl Rooney.
The Plot:
Mulan 3 premiere by Disney promises to be no less cash than its predecessors. The romantic story with beautiful music and interesting plot carry the viewer to a distant historical period of Chinese history. According to Rooney, director of "Madagascar", the previous series did not get its logical conclusion, the story is not exhausted itself and can be extended and supplemented the different parts.

Mulan 3 release date was confirmed by Disney

According to the Chinese legend, there is far more fabulous country, the corresponding world elements. Main protagonists- Mulan and Li Shang – will go to the fire, where they live magicians, dominating this terrible force. Overcoming various dangers, reflecting enemy attacks, meeting new friends and colleagues, Mulan and Li Shang will find the most important treasure in her life… The details of the plot are hidden by the creators.
Mulan 3 release date is expected at summer of 2017.
There is no information about the release date of Mulan 3 on DVD or Bluray.
While waiting, watch Mulan 2 trailer:

Are you a fan of the cartoon series Mulan? Will you wait for the third movie?

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