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Mugen no Junin is a film, which will present you one brave man in the main role. Here you will see such genres, as thriller and drama. The film Mugen no Junin will appear in the broadcast on the 29th of April in the year of 2017.


A lot of actors will appear here in the cast, so we will present you only the main characters. Look at them:

  • Takuya Kimura.
  • Hana Sugisaki.
  • Sota Fukushi.
  • Chiaki Kuriyama.
  • Kazuki Kitamura.
  • Min Tanaka.
  • Tsutomu Yamazaki.

The director of the film is Takashi Miike. The producer is Hiroyoshi Koiwai and the scriptwriter is Tetsuya Oishi.


Kassantu is the special blood worms, which can bring one or another person immortality. Also, they can reconstruct the strength. Such worms live in the blood of Mandi, who is a great samurai. He has the masters of the swordsman. He is the man without sensitivity and it means, that he is saved from all the kinds of weapons. Worms help him to grow the extremities very quickly.

This samurai got the immortality from the great vestal by the name Yasukuni. She is 800 years old and when the sister of hero died, he made a proposition to vestal. For such a crime samurai decided to kill 1000people and when he did it, vestal makes the blood worms living in his body.

On his way, Mandi finds a woman by the name Asano Rin. The parents of this girl died and they we killed by the leadership of Anozy Kagehisa. The father of the beauty was the teacher of Dodge, so he was subjected to the Earth with all the pupils. Then Anozy decided to create the school by the name Otto-run, which help the people to become the winners by all of the means.

The immortal person tried to save the people from death, so each time, when the conflict appeared, he is ready to solve it by all the available means. In the last scene, you will see the episode when Mandi becomes the leader of the clan.


That is an amazing film, which will present you the life of a great samurai. He isn’t afraid of anything, so one day he become immortal and nobody knows his secret.

If you like the films with unusual plots, this one will be one of the greatest for you. Pay attentions, that here a lot of blood scenes will appear, so children aren’t allowed to watch it at any time. The premiere will be very soon, so you will enjoy it in the cinema.

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