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Mother is a drama film, which was created in the USA. Here you will see an unusual story, which will attract adult people. The premiere of the film Mother will be in the year of 2017.


When we need to name the actors in this amazing film, here it is important to underline such cast:

  • Jennifer Lawrence.
  • Domhnall Gleeson.
  • Michelle Pfeiffer.
  • Ed Harris.
  • Javier Bardem.
  • Jovan Adept.
  • Christina Rosato.

In the role of director here you will see Darren Aronofsky. Among the producers, we must underline Darren Aronofsky, Scott Franklin, Ari Handel, Jeff G. Waxman. The scriptwriter is David Aronofsky.


The main idea of this film is to present the dramatic story about one lovely couple, which is not experienced in relationships. In the center of attention, you will see a young girl and a boy, who just live together and talking about their future wedding. All the complications they cross together, so they are ready to become a family, where everything will be on the right.

But here one serious problem appears and now their relations will undergo to the challenge. One day on the front doorstep of their house appeared the unbidden guests and they appear in the life of the couple turned their life into the real hell.

A lot of quarrels occur under this people, but each of them doesn’t want to realize, that the guests are the guilty people of their impatience. Besides, these cruel people make a lot of situations, in which the boy and the girl will jealous, so their relations started to be hard for each person.

They even think about break up, because they have no power to manage with this menace. But one day they created a plan of revenge and they believe, that it will work and everything will return to the beginning. But, you must pay attention, that everything was rather difficult.


This film is a great idea for people, who didn’t know, what to do in one or another situation. If your family problems are too hard, you must do something to save your happiness. So, as you can understand, if the two people wanted to do something together, nothing will interact them. When it will appear on the movie screen, you must watch this drama and have a good time. Each person will know a lot of new and interesting information here.

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