Mechanic 2 (Mechanic: Resurrection)

Will the Mechanic movie have a sequel? The fans must have been waiting for the official announcement so long. So how about looking at the recent news on the film and seeing what we can say regarding the upcoming movie.
Mechanic 2

About the original Mechanic

The story of Mechanic unveils around Arthur Bishop, a professional high-class assassin. Arthur is quite rebellious — he doesn’t compromise with what he doesn’t agree upon. He is played by Jason Statham who portrays the character exceptionally well. The film was released in early 2011, and it starred Donald Sutherland and Ben Foster, apart from Jason Statham.
Mechanic 2

Confirmation of Mechanic 2

The film’s production company, Sony Entertainment, has officially confirmed the Mechanic 2 release date in winter 2016. It will go on the screens by the title Mechanic: Resurrection. Dennis Gansel (Experiment 2, The Fourth State) was appointed to shoot the film and lead the production crew. Jason Statham, Tommy Lee Jones, Michelle Yeoh, and Jessica Alba will be starring in the second part.
Mechanic 2
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