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In summer of 2016 we will be able to watch in U.S. cinemas and worldwide the American drama movie directed by Thea Sharrock. The talk is about Me Before You premiere.

Me Before You release date was scheduled for June 3, 2016. There is no information about the release date of Me Before You on DVD and Bluray. However, there is a good trailer that explains some plot details.


In Me Before You release you will see such actors as Ben Lloyd-Hughes, Lily Travers, Matthew Lewis, Alexander Cooper, Jenna Coleman, Sam Claflin, Brendan Coyle and Emilia Clarke. The movie is written by Jojo Moyes, Neystadter Scott, Michael H. Weber. Producers of ME Before You premiere are Sue Baden-Pouell, Karen Rosenfelt, Joan Schneider.


The primary character of movie Me Before You – Lou Clark – unexpectedly seems to lose her job, then her life to roll down hill. But one day your woman meets a guy known as Will & her your life has changed. She runs in a cafe & established a man known as Patrick (performed by Matthew Lewis), with whom she hardly is going to evolve critical relations. In the life of Lou is stable & is going to like her to love it even while a Girl unexpectedly let go via work. Life changes considerably Clark & issues stacked at her one following the others. But 1 day, Lu unintentionally meets with Will (played by Mike Claflin), what two years ago suffered a car accident & then shed all which he recently – a prestigious task, a terrific girl. Following which, Will’s life travelled downhill & he totally ceased to trust persons & take it convenient. Meeting young individuals calmly changing the world around them. Heroes besides turn into capable of enjoy life. in compliance together with the scenario heroine Emilia Clarke makes a symbolic tattoo inside the build of a bee. Through the filming, the presenter decides to make a similar tattoo in the little finger – while memories of a marvelous time spent on the film.

Interesting Facts

  • Me Before You movie release is based on the same titled eponymous novel by Jojo Moyes who also written the screenplay for the movie;
  • It is quite possible that movie will have a sequel if turns out to be successful, since the original book has the second part called After You, so the movie franchise is quite possible.

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Me Before You Release Date

Me Before You – Official Trailer – Official Warner Bros. UK

Me Before You Official International Trailer #1 (2016) – Emilia Clarke, Sam Claflin Movie HD

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