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This year is noted for the premieres of many exciting films, but only one of them can be considered as the drama that will surely tug at heartstrings of any person who will watch it. At least the preliminary data in trailers and assumptions of the producers are appeared now to be very promising indeed.

The plot line

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The story is really dramatic but with positive hints that life path is worth walking and struggling through no matter what the circumstances and turns of events are.
There are two main characters. The first one is Lou. She is a hard-working pretty 26 year old lady from a small town. In order to survive in this cruel world she has to change various work places in order to help her family to be provided with all necessaries of life. She is a very creative and unusual person, but has not found her destination in this world yet. Eventually she receives a job offer in a local “castle” where she should work as a caretaker. This career turnaround comes to be the crucial moment in her life.
The second character is named Will Traynor. His life path differs greatly from Lou’s. He was a wealthy young guy who worked as a banker. His success in his fate was brought to an immediate end after the accident that happened to him two years ago. Will has become a wheelchair bound who does not believe that the sense of his life exists now.
Will is now the patient of Lou. Step by step they are becoming close friends to each other. Lou helps to find happiness in this life. Together they experience a range of adventures which contribute to their understanding that they are created for each other and that the life can be changed in such a way that no one could ever fancy.

The starring cast and the behind-the-scenes crew

Me Before You Cast
For so chargeable principal roles as Lou and Will such stars as Emilia Clarke (known particularly for performing the part of Daenerys Targaryen in the widely acclaimed series “A Game of Thrones” filmed on the base of the range of novels “A Song of Ice and Fire” written by George R. R. Martin) and Sam Claflin (from such movies as “Hunger Games” and “Snow White and the Huntsman”).
The director of the movie is Thea Sharrock. By the way it will be her debut in directing the feature film.
The screenwriters come to be Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber. They had, however to work under a complete control of Jojo Moyes who is considered to the author of the novel that stands to be the base for the film plot.

The current launch date

Me Before You Scene
The production studio Warner Brothers changed the launch date of the movie twice. The initial Me Before You release date was going to be June 3, 2016. However, in November of the previous year the developers announced that the premiere would be three months earlier – March 4. This turn of events is connected with the spring break in colleges and high schools. However, recently due to unknown reasons the makers have said that the release date will be moved to its initial form. This news comes to be not very disappointing. The main thing is that it will in 2016.

Official trailer

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