Mary Magdalene (2017)

With Rooney Mara and Joaquin Phoenix in the lead roles, Mary Magdalene is a highly expected biopic made by Garth Davis basing on the screenplay penned by Helen Edmundson cooperating tightly with Philippa Goslett. Mary Magdalene release date is so far undetermined yet we expect the arrival in 2017.
Among other actors included into the cast, there are the following names:

  • Tahar Rahim,
  • Shira Haas,
  • Tsahi Halevi,
  • Lior Raz,
  • Chiwetel Ejiofor,
  • Hadas Yaron and many others.

Mary Magdalene (2017) Release Date
The Weinstein Company is one of the production studios of this film, with Universal Pictures and See-Saw Films distributing the upcoming flick. The film was shot in Sicily in autumn 2016. So now the post-production is underway.

Fresh Look at an Original Story

What do you know about the authentic story of Mary Magdalene, one of the most discussed personalities in the world history, as she is at the center of the founding story of Christianity?
Magdalene has been on big screen for many times, with different actresses taking on the part. For instance, Monica Bellucci performed her in Passion Of The Christ. The TV project Jesus Of Nazareth involved also this personage performed by Anne Bancroft. The latest work where Mary appears is the film adaptation with Tom Hanks as a lead player based on The Da Vinci Code novel.
As for this upcoming motion picture, it is expected to be a chance for audiences to feel human passions,  the cultural and religious hurricane in hearts. As Kujawski and Walak told to Deadline, this would be the marvelous content with the concentration on quality and the newest perspective given to the story.
Taking place in the Holy Land, the story narrates about a young woman who leaves her small fishing village and family to become a member of a new flow. Jesus of Nazareth inspires her and many other disciples to join his teachings. Together they set off to Jerusalem.

Expected Release

When will the release be held? What should we expect from the project? What are your own expectations as for the premiere? Share your thoughts with us regarding this!
We have no info to concretize the situation with the release date. The schedule says that we would rather expect the project in 2017. Let’s hope for the best. Meanwhile, keep on the following news together with us!


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