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Manhunt is an original thriller, which was produced in Hong Kong in China. It will be available only for adults because the children would not estimate the main idea of it. The premiere of the film Manhunt will be in the year of 2017.


Each actor in the cast will satisfy you because here the real professionals of their deals appear. Among the general people you will see:

  • Zhang Hanyu.
  • Stephy Qi.
  • Masaharu Fukuyama.
  • Tao Okamoto.
  • Jun Kunimura.
  • Hiroyuki Ikeuchi.
  • Yasuaki Kurata.

The director of the film is John Woo. When we talk about the producers, here we must underline Gordon Chan and Peter Lam. The scriptwriters are John Woo and Yuko Nishimura.


Here in the center of attention, you will see Marioku. He is the attorney and he makes a lot of efforts in order to battle with the criminality. This hero is a very hard-working person and he can`t buy in order to do one or another thing. So, as you can understand, he started to be dangerous for lots of criminals.

A lot of times people make the efforts to bribe the Marioku, but all the time the man refused of such prepositions. He has no temptation to the interesting conditions or big amounts of money. He just did his work and put the guilty people to the prison. So, the mafia people and the other criminals decided to change their approach to this guy. They wanted to blemish the good name of the attorney and to make everything in order to place him.

As the result of this, Marioku was named guilty in several criminals and they are too big, such as assault and murders. But the attorney in the past didn’t want to justification among the bribed judges. He decided to run out of the city in order to find the proves of his innocence. In such a deal she finds the helper and there appears the daughter of young and influenced politics. This girl also wanted to prove the truth and she wanted to help the main hero. But they will have not so many time for it because there are a lot of cruel and unfair people around them.


It is so important to have the person, who will understand you from one word. And the main hero finds the woman, who believes, that he isn’t innocent. Together they reach their aim and you will be appreciated by the plot of this film.

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Manhunt 1

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MANHUNT John Woo 福山雅治

MANHUNT teaser 1 [15/01/2017]

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