Maleficent 2 Release Date

Maleficent 2 release date

Maleficent 2 release date was confirmed by Disney. Check the details below.

The plot is very wicked and powerful sorceress. She has now a heart of stone that is simply impossible to melt. She’s never afraid of anything and considers itself strong. She is the root of all the trouble in the world, and all the evil that is happening around. But before, it was all different for the main protagonist. Many years ago the main character was a very sensitive and kind girl. She had a pure and kind heart.
Maleficent will never hurt anybody, never harmed. She lived in a perfect world of good. But one day everything changed. Military people started to threaten the forest-like kingdom.
Therefore, she had to come to the defense of his green kingdom. Independently she would not have withstood the battle. Therefore, she asked for help to the dark forces. Unfortunately, all companions betray Maleficent. So the whole world is a perfect forest is at the mercy of evil men, but a girl herself is becoming a wicked witch and sorceress.

Maleficent 2 release date was confirmed by Disney

Maleficent 2 premiere stars a popular actress Angelina Jolie who managed to make audience very interested in unusual plot twists. And the ending left a lot of questions.
That is why the filmmakers will shoot the second part about an evil witch.
Maleficent 2 release date is scheduled for Q2 of 2017.
Maleficent 2 release date on Bluray is planned for Q3 of 2017.
DVD release date of Maleficent 2 is expected in Q3 of 2017.
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