London Has Fallen Release Date

London Has Fallen release date

London Has Fallen release date was announced. When to expect for the new action movie with Gerard Butler?

London Has Fallen premiere will happen sooner than expected. It will feature the many great actors including Gerard Butler and Aaron Eckhart.
The Plot:
The story is set in London, where British Prime Minister dies in mysterious circumstances. His funeral – is the mandatory presence of the leaders of the Western world. But what starts out as a very sheltered event in the world, turns into a deadly plot to assassinate the leaders of the world’s strongest countries. Only three people can stop it: the US President Benjamin Ascher, the head of his formidable guard Mike Banning, and do not trust anyone MI-6 agent.

London Has Fallen release date was announced

In this movie, a viewer will be able to see cunning political intrigue, and professional work of secret agents, and modern special effects, and a fascinating story. Moreover, all this is wrapped in the unique atmosphere of the ancient city – London.

London Has Fallen release date was scheduled for March 4, 2016.
Currently there is no information about the release date of London Has Fallen on Bluray and DVD. Probably it will happen in summer of 2016.
While waiting for the movie, you can watch London Has Fallen trailer 1:

Do you like action movies? Do you want to see another movie with Gerard Butler?

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