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Logan Lucky is a comedian film, which was made for all members of your family. Each person will be satisfied with it, besides here a lot of comedy moments will appear. The premiere of the film will be on 13th of October in the year of 2017.


In this film, you will see the actors in the main and recurrent cast. When we talk about the main, her we must mention the next talented people, as:

  • Adam Driver.
  • Sebastian Stan.
  • Riley Keough.
  • Channing Tatum.
  • Katherine Waterston.
  • Daniel Craig.
  • Katie Holmes.
  • Seth MacFarlane.

The director of the film is Steven Soderbergh. Among the producers, we must name Reid Carolin, Gregory Jacobs, Mark Johnson, Michael Polaire, Zane Stoddard, Matt Summers. The scriptwriter is Rebecca Blunt.


Logan Lucky is a new criminal comedy, which has drama elements. The events of it took place in the background of auto racer NASCAR, which are held in the USA, in the state of North Carolina. These racing are major measures in the world of auto transport. They are also the second in the world after the greatest Formula-1. Besides, this sport is rather popular in the USA and by the number of visitors.

The beginning of the film will present you the time of dry law. Here the ferrymen-contrabandists try to drive alcohol drinks. That work was rather dangerous, so many of them try to make their cars more developed – they improve the speed and the lift.

So, in this film, you will see the story of one racer, who become the champion of the best competitions tree times. And after a big retire, he decided to show his professionalism and to prove the people, that he is the best. His name is Logan. The racings which will be held, are the motive for the robbery, which is created by two brothers. They decide to use it as a great opportunity and, when everyone will watch the ratings they will scoop a large profit.

Will their plan be turned into reality and what the problems will appear on their way to success? All this will be noticed, when you will watch this dynamic and dramatic comedy.


If you are a person, who like risk and who can`t imagine the life without it, you must find a free time and watch this excellent film, which will appear on the movie screens very soon. You will be excited.

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Daniel Craig is unrecognisable as burly prisoner while shooting Logan Lucky

Logan Lucky Hollywood First Look Trailer

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