Logan (2017)

Logan is a new upcoming addition to the X-Men motion picture series where a story concentrates on Logan and the Marvel Comics personage named Wolverine. This will be the last appearance of Logan on screens after 17 years of portrayal. Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart will reprise their roles of Logan and Charles Xavier. The production companies are Marvel Entertainment, The Donners’ Company, and TSG Entertainment. The distributing part is taken by 20th Century Fox. As for the release date, it is already a determined matter, so you gave nothing to fret about.

Acting Cast

Logan (2017) Poster
Among other members of the performance crew, we should mark out Dafne Keen playing the female clone of Logan named Laura. The rest of the cast includes:

  • Richard E. Grant
  • Elizabeth Rodriguez
  • Eriq La Salle
  • Stephen Merchant
  • Elise Neal
  • Boyd Holbrook

As for a Filmmaker
Who is leading the behind-the-scene crew? The one and the only James Mangold returns to make the sequel. As he said in one of his interviews, he should free himself from assumption having existed in the past. The tone of flick should be changed, thus, somehow. In what way, specifically, he did not reveal. Regardless, we believe that it will work in favor of the project.

Plot Summary

Logan (2017) Spoiler
In the far future, Logan and Charles Xavier are left to fight with the powerful corporation that is planning to destroy the entire world. The challenge is that Logan’s healing factor starts to fade while Xavier disease does not leave him.
They should protect a young girl named Laura whose abilities are similar to those Logan possesses and who knows, maybe it will be she who will contribute then greatly to the struggle with the villains, which threatens the humanity and mutants.

Near Release

When is the debut scheduled for? According to the info released in March 2014, the premiere is planned for March 2, 2017, in Russia and February 24, 2017, throughout the world. About only two months are left for us to get prepared for the premiere. Are you waiting for it? Will a new approach work in favor of the new installment? How do you think? Share your expectations concerning this upcoming movie with us and stay tuned if you are hungry for more specifics!


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