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Lean on Pete is a film of drama genre, which was created in Great Britain. Here a lot of amazing episodes will be shown and you will have a lot of frantic feelings. The premiere of the film Lean on Pete will appear in the year of 2017.


When there is a need to talk about the actors, here we must mention such people in the main cast:

  • Travis Fimmel.
  • Chloe Sevigny.
  • Steve Buscemi.
  • Steve Zahn.
  • Thomas Mann.
  • Rachel Perrell Fosket.
  • Amy Seimetz.

The director of the film is Andrew Haigh. Among the producers here we must underline Tristan Goligher, Darren M. Demetre. The scriptwriter is Andrew Haigh.


The dramatic plot of the film, which is presented by Great Britain, will present you the story about 15-year old teenager by the name Charlie Thompson. He didn’t accept his life and everything, what he has. It is hard for him to visit the school regularly and to eat much food, as he can eat. The organism of the little boy, who will be the man in future is starved from the hunger. Also, it is so hard for him to have such a hard work and to get so little money for it.

The everyday availability has a bad influence on the formation of the teenage organism. Besides, he has no attention and care from somebody. His education is just like on the streets. He is just a person, who like to be popular among the friends. And his main wish is to build his life in the best manner.

One day Charlie meets the jumper by the name Lean and together with him, they started to be best friends. Their destinies are so poor, so there were a lot of things, which help them to have the best understanding of each other. That was a real destiny, that they find each other because since it happened, their lives started to be another.


This film will show you, that people can be very glad of everything, what they have in their life. If you will appreciate each moment of it, you will be the happiest person in the world. It will always show you, that it doesn’t matter, what the person you are.

That film will be interesting and exciting for people of all the ages – children and parents will watch here something new and it will help you to become a better person than you are. So, very soon this masterpiece will appear on the movie screens of all the countries and cities.

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