Lean on Pete (2017)

Lean on Pete is an upcoming drama by British production scripted and directed by one and the same person named Andrew Haigh. He has reunited his directorial talent with Tristan Goligher’s producing abilities. The basis of the story is the novel of the same name by Willy Vlautin. With the post-production status of the film, Lean on Pete release date is a thing that we should wait for in the near future.
The acting cast includes the following performers:

  • Charlie Plummer,
  • Chloë Sevigny,
  • Steve Zahn,
  • Travis Fimmel,
  • Amy Seimetz,
  • Justin Rain,
  • Frank Gallegos,
  • Thomas Mann,
  • Steve Buscemi.

A24 and Curzon Artificial Eye are the companies that have purchased rights to distribute the movie in the USA and the United Kingdom respectively. Film4 Productions is behind the development. Everything was prepared for shooting in autumn 2016, as the director had finished the final, one-off special of HBO’s “Looking.”

Plot Particulars

Haigh takes a personal, political, tough, and tender novel penned by Willy Vlautin and adapts it to the big screen. The story focuses on a teenage boy named Charley. Inhabiting Portland, he makes friendship with a failing racehorse named "Lean on Pete." Later, having no stability at his home, he sets off on a hazardous journey to search for his only known relative who once lived far away from him in Wyoming.
It is a very much inspirational story. You cannot but care for Charley though the story is going to be never sentimental but compassionate with a hopeful ending.
No matter what challenge he faces, he keeps moving forward; he keeps running, working, driving, dreaming, trying to gather himself up, and putting faith in that something better is waiting for him soon come rain or shine.
As the producer once stated, the scope of the story ranging from Portland Meadows, via the Oregon desert, to the bright lights of Denver’s Colfax Avenue made this an exciting next step after 45 Years.

Future Release

Presently, we have nothing to gladden you with. We have no confirmed release date. With principal photography finished, hopes appear in our hearts that everything is just in the air. We should just arm ourselves with patience and monitor the situation closely. Stay tuned for more!



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