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Le Jeune Karl Marx is a biography film about one outstanding and very interesting man. Here all the facts of his life are shown, so a lot of new information will appear in front of you. The premiere of film Le Jeune Karl Marx will be on the 2nd of March in the year of 2017.


The actors of this film play an outstanding role here. Among them you will see the following talented faces in the cast:

  • August Diehl.
  • Stefan Konarske.
  • Vicky Krieps.
  • Olivier Gourmet.
  • Hannah Steele.
  • Alexander Scheer.
  • Elsa Mollien.

The director of the film is Raoul Peck. When we talk about the producers, we must name such people, as Nicholas Blanc, Remi Greeley, Robert Guediguian, Raoul Peck, Benny Drechsel, Philippe Logie, Patrick Quinet, Karsten Stoter. The scriptwriters are Pascal Bonitzer, Pierre Hodgson, and Raoul Peck.


That is a documental film, which was made only by talented directors, producers, and scriptwriters. Here you will see the political backgrounds for the appearance of the new ideas. And all of them are in the head of the youthful son of Deutsche lawyer and the future author of the Manifest for the Communism party.

Here a lot of moments will be devoted to the study at the University, here you will know everything about his philosophy skills. Also, you will be shown the secret affiance with Jenny von Westfalen. Her insist name was Renata Blum. Here you will also see the moment of life when he meets with Friedrich Engels. Together with him, they try to learn political economy and the evolution of thought was rather interesting at that time.

Here you will see the Karl and his new idea to make a strong and fair society – there are a lot of events, which are presented in this film. The first episodes will show you the young years of Soviet-German man and at the end, you will see his death and the cause of it.


In this film you will see, how hard is the life of famous people. But they never give up and all the time they just come to their aim in order to become the better people. So, here is the example of how to behave in society and how to live the life with all its opportunities and advantages. Of course, a lot of difficulties appear on his way, but he thought, that there is no reason for panic. And you mustn’t forget about it.

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DER JUNGE KARL MARX Trailer German Deutsch (2017)

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