The Killing of Sacred Deer

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The Killing of the Sacred Deer is a film of drama genre, which will present an unusual story. The adult audience will estimate it at all. The film The Killing of Sacred Deer will appear in the broadcast on 12th of October in the year of 2017, so very soon you will watch and enjoy it almost.


The main cast of actors will amaze you because here a lot of outstanding people will appear. Among them, you will see the characters, who do their work at the best level. They are:

  • Nicole Kidman.
  • Colin Farrell.
  • Alicia Silverstone.
  • Raffey Cassidy.
  • Bill Camp.
  • Barry Keoghan.
  • Anita Farmer Bergman.

The director of the serial is Yorgos Lanthimos. Among the producers, we must name Ed Guiney, Yorgos Lanthimos, Andrew Lowe, Will Greenfield, Nicki Hattingh, Amit Pandya, Anne Sheehan, Kamen Velikovsky, Atilla Salih Yucer. When we talk about the scriptwriters, we must say, that they are Efthymis Filippou and Yorgos Lanthimos.


That is a psychological thriller with mystique elements, which was inspired by the tragedies of Euripides. Here in the main role, you will see the man, who is a brilliant surgeon with great work experience. He has a lot of problems at work and at home, but it doesn’t stop him in reaching his first and general aim.

He tries to live with the woman and they love each other very much. But she has a son ad that started to be a great problem for both of them. The man tries to be a good father to this boy, but he didn’t want to manage with it. The behavior of a little boy becomes sinister and the story of the new family turned into the story of revenge and battle for the surviving of a new victim.


This film will present you an unusual story and it is so strong and even some kind of threaten. But if you will see it, you will understand, that it is brilliant. Pay attention that children aren’t allowed to watch it because the story is rather complicated with horror elements.

Not everything in our life can go on the same level, but you must know, that this is not the reason to give up – live is not an easy thing, but then the white strip will start. So, if you want something special or you have an aim to pass your weekend in a pleasant company, this film will be the best for you.

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The Killing of a Sacred Deer

The Killing of a Sacred Deer (2017) Behind The Scenes -Nicole Kidman, Alicia Silverstone

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