Kevin Hart: What Now?

The name of the comedian is known practically to everyone in this world. His concerts have been gathering large sums of money. And now the entire documentary film is being shot to show the success of this person. The launch date is already determined – October 14, 2016.

Brief review

With the main role performed surely by Kevin Hart, the movie is of a documentary type that is going to tell us about his 2013 hit stand-up concert movie Let Me Explain.
Though it is a documentary, the studio named Universal Picture, the worldwide known organization which volume of successful cinematography is countless, creates the film.
Kevin Hart: What Now? Poster
Additionally to the genre, we should mention here that apart from documentary biographical type, it is a comedy as the main character is a famous comedian. So the approach to narration is a corresponding one.
The target audience, however, is not so wide. The film has obtained the MPAA rating R for some sexual material, as well as language throughout presented there.

What is the concept?

As we have already mentioned, the main hero in this documentary is Kevin Star, a comedic rockstar who has been garnering large stadiums of his loyal followers pursuing to experience his shows in reality. So how do these fans feel on his concerts? Surely, they feel much comfortable. But let’s turn our look to this very project. What is here depicted specifically? What are the idea and concept?
In particular, it features his 2013 stand-up concert movie Let Me Explain, which have received positive acceptance from people and have garnered $32 million domestically.
In the world cinematography history, it is the third-highest live stand-up comedy movie of all time.
Kevin Hart: What Now? Cast
The sold-out performance of “What Now? ” filmed outdoors in front of 50,000 people at Philadelphia’s Lincoln Financial Field, was marked the first time a comedian has ever performed by the full football stadium.

When can we expect the release of the documentary movie?

The biographical film is aiming to hit theaters on October 14 of this year. It is the Kevin Hart: What Now? Release date determined officially.
The next appearance of Hart is expected to be in Ride Along 2 opposite Ice Cube. There are some trailers and posters, as well as teasers and interviews with Kevin, you can follow also on our service. Pursuing to follow them, you just need to click the starting button of the video.
As a kind of note, we should say that this autumn is not going to be packed with many comedies. The most demanded case of the upcoming season will be thrillers, as well as horrors. Apart from Kevin Hart: What Now? a new story of Bridget Jones will hit the theaters’ screens. But it won’t be surely a documentary as this one. It is the continuation of the romantic story known to everyone of us. In the case, some additional particulars are unraveled, we recommend you staying tuned.


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