June Movie Release Date

June movie release date

June movie release date has been scheduled. There are more details below.

What must you know about June movie premiere? In the genre of supernatural horror is difficult to come up with something new ideas. However, sometimes young filmmakers beat classical movies so fresh and original that such projects are quickly becoming the new standard of the genre. That’s why the picture June   causes interest among horror movies aficionados. Initially, it was thought that the premiere will happen in May of 2015, but was subsequently postponed.

The Plot

June is a nine-year-old orphan girl, pure and innocent. But it seems only at first glance because in June’s body lives a supernatural creature named Aer. On ordinary days, this "companion" is hardly noticeable. But when the other kids bully or frighten June, the demon loses control. Perhaps it would be a strange neighborhood and went, but once June gets what always dreamed of – a new family. The girl really likes Lily and Dave – her adoptive parents. And for them, it will have to fight his inner demons and solve the mystery of his real name.

June movie release date has been scheduled

Interesting Facts

The subgenre of horror in which young children are holders of mystical abilities (such as telekinesis), or can communicate with the envoys of the other world, has long ceased to be original. But the creators of the film managed to bring him some fresh ideas. Many critics compare the tape with "Carrie" by Stephen King, but in fact these films are united only by a common theme – the struggle of the child (or young person, as in the case of Kerry) with his inner demons.
Movie director withdrew L. Gustavo Cooper. He also acted as a screenwriter. For him, this has been the debut. But the movie engaged some experienced actors, many of whom starred in the horror genre masterpieces such as American Horror Story and The Walking Dead.
The movie cannot boast of the large budget, but should turn out incredibly atmospheric and even intriguing. At least talking about it his first trailers – is how seriously they were approached by the creators of the tape, it is clear that for a debut they are taken seriously. In this trailer, we see the rage and despair of June so that the picture should get not only frightening but also very emotional. By the way, played the leading role, despite his young age, already boasts a fairly significant filmography, including other horror movie titles.

June movie release date is scheduled for October 1, 2015.
There is some news that June movie release date on Bluray and DVD will happen in December of 2015.
While waiting for the release, watch June movie trailer:

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