Jumanji will be allured and adorable film for the family watch. Here you will see the genres of fantasy and adventures, so all the time you will be amazed by it. The premiere of Jumanji will be on the 21st of December in the year of 2017.


When we talk about the people in the cast, here we must underline such characters in the Main roles:

  • Karen Gillan.
  • Dwayne Johnson.
  • Kevin Hart.
  • Jack Black.
  • Alex Wolff.
  • Bobby Cannavale.
  • Tim Matheson.
  • Nick Jonas.

The director of the film is Jake Kasdan. The producers are Ted Field, William Teitler, Matthew Tolmach, Mike Weber, Hiram Garcia, Lauren Selig. The scriptwriters are Chris McKenna, Jeff Pickler, Scott Rosenberg, Erik Sommers.


This original Story will present you a game, which was found on the loft. Here in the Main roles, you will see Alan, who is 12 years old and also here his friend Sarah will appear. The name of the game is Jumanji and children wanted to know more about it, so they decided to play.

The game Jumanji will lead to the strange circumstances – Alan will be closed in the world of the game for 26 years and he must survive here, despite all the difficulties. He got to the jungles and Alan disappeared. But when the 26 years will pass the other children find this game – they are the brothers and sisters of Judi Shepard.

In one moment they will save the Alan and now each of the levels will be so dangerous on a specific event. The only one chance to change something is to play the game to the end and the children decided to do it.

Of course, the idea of this film isn’t new and lots of people know, what will be the end of the Story. But with help of a special cast, it will be presented like new – all the episodes will be rather unforgettable.


This film will give you an opportunity to remember your childhood. And if you will see it together with your children, they will also estimate it. Besides, it will help you to present them, that it is so dangerous to ignore the words of parents and this film is an opportunity to show, what could happen if they wouldn’t do it.

We guarantee, that people of all the ages will estimate this serial from the beginning till the end.

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Jumanji 1
Jumanji 2

JUMANJI – 2017 Official Movie Teaser Trailer

On the set of JUMANJI feat. Dwayne Johnson (2017)

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