The public remembers a large number of filmed stories based on Stephen King’s novels, and some of them like The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile, etc. have become real masterpieces and are impersonation of contemporary cinematograph. Another story well-known to the audience is It, the novel which was first filmed in 1990. Now the story about a terrifying clown and mysterious murders is going to be renewed. Not long ago the creators announced an official premiere date of the movie: it will debut on September 7, 2017. The new adaptation of a written story is being awaited with great tension and viewers’ attention is extremely high, as everybody wants to make sure that the development of technologies and visual effects will make the story of 2017 gripping and interesting.

Creators and Developers

The director of an upcoming horror movie is Andrés Muschietti, a talented and already popular Argentinean filmmaker, who is famous for his previous project Mama. For creating of his new film Muschietti took the idea of King’s novel and with three professional screenwriters – Chase Palmer, Gary Dauberman and ary Joji Fukunaga – has turned it into a feature-length cinema. Of course, the story It Is known almost to everyone, but to make the film of 2017 popular among the audience and develop it in mass media the crew of producers is working. This group consists of the following personalities:
It date release

  • Dan Lin;
  • Barbara Muschietti;
  • Seth Grahame-Smith;
  • Jon Silk;
  • Marty P. Ewing;
  • Roy Lee;
  • David Katzenberg.

The company distributing the picture is New Line Cinema, the world famous studio, which also has recently announced the air date of It.

Brief Review and Cast

All the events take place in a small American town called Derry, where all of a sudden children begin to mysteriously disappear. At the same time the police find only parts of the bodies of abducted children, which is even more terrible. Sevenfriends, children who are called by others The Losers’ Club, suddenly recognize a terrible clue: a kidnapper and murderer is an insane clown named Pennywise.

Abductions are terminated, and the town slowly comes to life, but after 27 years old friends find out that everything is repeated again and decide by all means to come back and defeat the evil creature, terrifying their hometown. Among the actors taking part in It of 2017 are worth mentioning such as:

  • Bill Skarsgård;
  • Finn Wolfhard;
  • Steven Williams;
  • Jaeden Lieberhen;
  • Javier Botet;
  • Owen Teague;
  • Sophia Lillis;
  • Nicholas Hamilton and some others.


Known Premiere Date and Expectations

The movie is set for September 7, 2017, and this date is not likely to be changed. The audience is eager to watch this horror film and wants the cinema to be even more interesting than its predecessor. Stay tuned not to forget about an upcoming picture and get all the necessary facts about the cast and plot.

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