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It Comes at Night is a film, that is created in the USA. Here you will see several genres, which are combined together. They are horror and detective. The premiere of the film It Comes at Night will be in the year of 2017.


The cast of actors in this film is rather small. But each person here plays a very important role, so we must introduce them to you:

  • Riley Keough.
  • Joel Edgerton.
  • Carmen Diego.
  • Christopher Abbott.
  • Kelvin Harrison Jr.
  • Griffin Robert Faulkner.

The director of the film is Trey Edward Shults. In the role of producers in this film, you will see David Kaplan, Andrea Roa, Justin R. Chan, Corey Decker, Chase Joliet, Wilson Smith. The scriptwriter is Trey Edward Shults.


The real mystique characters appear at night and this film will present you horrible creatures, which occur in the other world. So, in order to scare the people, they just appear in the night time. The Americans work on this cinema masterpiece a lot in order to make it fascinating. These mystique things were presenting in order to handle the calm of ordinary people. One day one ordinary family was faced with such creature, so each member of it demand the cohesion of optimism in order to get out the demon envoy.

The mystique creature gets the position in the lumen of the house and didn’t afford the family to leave the house. So, the main hero has no other variant – he started to be cruel in order to save his family from a real monster. When the new day comes, the man decided to the battle with the monster, because his main aim is to send him to the planet, where it lives before. His family is in shock – they couldn’t event imagine, how terrible he can be. But the man didn’t imagine a calm life because all the time the danger appears in his beautiful house.

In the end of the film, you will see, that everything stands in the right position and there is nothing to worry about. So the family started to live the life calmly again.


Only people, who love the horror genre, will appreciate this film at all. Here you will see, how the person can be brave when there appears the danger for all his family. We think, that if you will have the same situation you will do everything on the high level. So, while watching it, you will have the greatest emotions.

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