It Comes at Night (2017)

It Comes at Night is a highly expected thriller from Trey Edward Shults who is responsible for the direction and writing at the same time. David Kaplan is also producing. It Comes at Night release date is yet to be defined by the studio.
As for the companies behind the development, they are A24 and Animal Kingdom. The first one serves also as a distributor. Johnny on the spot, in “Krisha”, A24 served as both a contributing and distributing company. It has also shown a perfect feel for great movies in its first four years, with “Room,” “Amy,” “Ex Machina,” and many other projects under the belt.

Earlier Works of Trey Edward Shults

The previous work of Shults in terms of both authoring and directing was “Krishna,” which won several awards a year ago. So the director has big shoes to fill.
To get into particulars with “Krisha,” we should mention that it is the first feature movie by Shults after two shorts made by him in 2011 and 2010 – “Two on One” and “Mother and Son” respectively. Krisha enlarges upon the struggle of an alcoholic woman, as she tries to resume contact with her family after years of distance. It was created on a meager budget. Moreover, it is considered a family business, with his aunt Krisha Fairchild, his mother Robyn Fairchild, and his grandmother performing central parts there.

Enlisting Cast Members

What concerns the acting cast, here is the following list of lead performers:

  • Joel Edgerton,
  • Carmen Ejogo,
  • Riley Keough,
  • Kelvin Harrison Jr.,
  • Griffin Robert Faulkner,
  • Christopher Abbott.

The player of the central role, Edgerton, is famous for starring in “Black Mass,” “The Gift,” and “Exodus: Gods and Kings.” He expanded his skills in cinematography also trying his powers as a director in “The Gift,” which he also penned and co-produced.

A New Horror Mystery Drama

At the crux of the story, there is a family which peaceful life is disturbed by mysterious presence terrorizing them outside their doorstep. A father is set to get down and dirty, to keep his spouse and little son safe from this malevolent power.

With the Release Date Undetermined

So far, nothing is made clear regarding the future launch, as the release date is still an undetermined matter. However, this is just a matter of time. Let’s arm ourselves with patience and wait for the concrete announcements from A24. Stay tuned for updates!


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