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From the upcoming 2017 year, we are all waiting for premieres of both new films and the continuations of already beloved ones. The cinematography project under today discussion is quite a new story from such production companies as KatzSmith Productions, Vertigo Entertainment, and Lin Pictures. The distributing part is going to be performed by Warner Bros. and New Line Cinema.
It is the movie being developed in the genres of horror, drama, and thriller. Andrés Muschietti takes the directorial issues under the wing. Working also in harness with such authors as Gary Dauberman, Chase Palmer, Cary Fukunaga, and David Kajganich, he has created the script of the movie itself basing on the eponymous Stephen King’s novel penned yet in 1986.
It 2017 Spoiler
The lead role is performed by Bill Skarsgård. The following actors take on other parts:

  • Wyatt Oleff,
  • Jeremy Ray Taylor,
  • Chosen Jacobs,
  • Finn Wolfhard,
  • Jack Grazer,
  • Sophia Lillis.

Diving Into the Horror Story

The action of the horror is set in a town in Maine. The principal characters are seven local children facing the terrifying creature that appears in the form of a clown named Pennywise. They are united in the so-called “The Losers Club”.
Everything starts with a murder committed by someone in 1988. The victim was a child named George Denbrough. His brother and his fellows start investigating this case, finding out that a mysterious evil entity is behind this killing.
It 2017 Cast
To sum it up, the story is a traditional reflection of ideas conveyed by Stephen King in some of his novels, including fears and traumas stemming from childhood, the power of memory, and the ugliness hiding behind those traditional small-town values.

Is the Premiere Scheduled?

When will the debut of this feature movie be arranged? What more do we know apart from that the premiere is scheduled for next year?
To the luck of horror followers, It release date has been already defined as September 7, 2017, in theaters all over the globe. Let’s wait and see how the horror will manage to get a great box office. It seems that there should be no chance of the movie becoming a failure, as the story is an adaptation of King’s masterpiece. At least, the developers are not aiming at coming out at the short end.


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