Iron Sky 2 Release Date

Iron Sky 2 release date

Iron Sky 2 release date was confirmed. The sequel to Iron Sky will be called The Coming Race.
It is learned that the film "Iron Sky 2" will appear on screens already in 2016. It is worth recalling that the first film left in hire in 2012. The film tells about the Nazis, who after losing in World War II, fly to the moon, where he organized the Fourth Reich. For many years on the Moon developed a real Nazi empire that threatens world peace.
The new part of the Nazis created an army of dinosaurs on Earth devastated after the apocalypse.

Iron Sky 2 release date was confirmed

After the release of the first film, the creators decided to release a sequel that continues the story of the first picture.
Iron Sky 2 release date is 2016. The exact date has not been yet revealed.
DVD release of Iron Sky 2 will be in the middle of 2017.

Iron Sky 2 release date on Blu-ray will be in the early 2018.
And did you like the first movie? Will you watch the sequel?

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