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The fans of a popular Marvel franchise, Iron Man, are waiting for the fourth part to be out on the big screens very soon. Every Marvel superhero was met with special enthusiasm, and Tony Stark is not an exception. So when will we be able to watch Iron Man 4? Was it announced already by the creators?


What we know about Iron Man 4

As we’ve already mentioned, the final scenes of the third movie were not very satisfying. Tony Stark has extracted an implanted device from his chest thanks to which he became Iron Man in the first place. So will the story go back to Stark masking as Iron Man, or will the writers come up with another interesting twist? Or will they move away from the Tony Stark character? There were rumors that Robert Downey Jr. will not be starring in the film anymore. We think that’s impossible, because the audience has gotten used to seeing the actor in his superhero costume and associating Iron Man with Downey Jr. and vice versa. We believe that Robert will remain the key person in the upcoming sequels.


Iron Man 3 was released in 2013. The fans were following the adventures of a hero played by Robert Downey Jr. with a great thrill. Apparently, the ending of the movie did not satisfy them, and they are can’t wait to see the next film out. Shane Black, the film’s director, said that, while the Iron Man trilogy was over, there was enough material to make more sequels, which the team was planning to do. What’s more, the film’s producers have been recently giving hints to the press that they are planning to extend the story and release it in 5 parts. So, we will surely not only see Iron Man 4, but Iron Man 5 too.


The viewers will be able to expect the new Iron Man after the upcoming release of The Avengers (where Downey Jr. plays as well). In all probability, that will be somewhere in 2016.

What are you expecting from the Iron Man 4 plot?

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