Iron Man 4 Release Date Premiere 2016

Iron Man 4 release date was officially confirmed by Marvel. Many people asked  about the release date because even long before the premiere of the third part.
The producer of the franchise about Iron Man Kevin Feige as well as Robert Downey Jr. himself slightly hinted reporters that after the release of "The Avengers 2" (that will definitely feature Iron Man) Marvel plans to continue the 4th phase for Iron Man. In their plans to produce Iron Man 4 and even Iron Man 5!
As you know there is hype about replacement of Robert Downey Jr. and finding a new Tony Stark’s actor. Another person associated with the franchise anonymously suggested that Robert will remain a key figure in the new movies about Iron Man but won’t play Tony Stark anymore. The movie director and co-screenwriter Shane Black said earlier that he hopes that Robert will return for the fourth and fifth sequels of Iron Man because he is natural born Stark.
So far it seems that the "Iron Man 3" is the end of the trilogy, and such finale will allow the new movies about Iron Man get their own storylines.
Shane Black said: "I have a feeling that the story that we have developed for" Iron Man 3 "is actually the conclusion to the trilogy, but [also] it leaves “the door open” for the fourth film. I also have had many discussions on this subject: "Is it the last Iron Man movie for Robert?" Something tells me that this is not the case, and we will see fourth, fifth and maybe even more motion pictures about Iron Man with Robert playing Stark..”
If we assume "The Avengers 2" will be released in 2015, probably Iron Man 4 release date in this case will be somewhere in 2016.

Announced Iron Man 4 release date premiere 2016

On 06.20.2014 Marvel announced the great news for fans of Iron Man movie franchise. Robert Downey Jr. has signed on as the new contract to play genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist Tony Stark in at least 2 more movies.
The agreement was signed in the framework of the two feature movies – “The Avengers 2” (Avengers: Age of Ultron) and "The Avengers 3” where Downey will play the role of Tony Stark/Iron Man.
The recent films featuring R. Downey Jr. – "The Avengers" in 2012 and "Iron Man 3" in 2014 – were included in the top five most successful box office blockbusters of all time. These two movies earned more than $ 2.7 billion worldwide.
Production of “Avengers: Age of Ultron” was scheduled to March 2014 and the release date is scheduled for May 1, 2015.
With such news we definitel;y should wait for the new movie about Iron Man 4. But its release date can not be soon – maybe after the third movie about all Avengers.

 Iron Man 4 release date is supposedly late 2016.
P.S.: Mark Wahlberg said that he won’t mind to replace Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man. What do you think about this?
What do you want to see in Iron Man 4?

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