Insurgent Release Date

Insurgent release date

Insurgent release date is scheduled. It is a sequel to the popular movie Divergent.

This popular film adaptation of the novel by Veronica Roth "Divergent: series" continue the plot started in the first movie. The new motion picture Insurgent will be released in the United States and then in other countries. This film is already in the first 3 weeks of the show attracted 186 million dollars.
Insurgent will depict the anti-utopian world where society is divided into five factions. Every citizen, to achieve sixteen, should join one of them. If you could not choose a faction, it becomes an outcast.

The plot:

The main heroine has a name Beatrice who is in the first part has already decided on it. Make a choice it was not easy, because after the test she could choose three fractions – Renunciation, Bursaries and fearlessness. Beatrice was among the people called divergent. The problem has been and still is that in the future it could not change his choice. However, after a long and difficult deliberation, Beatrice chooses Fearlessness. She admired the courage of participants of this fraction.

Insurgent release date is scheduled

The heroine lives in Chicago, where the ruling faction of Renunciation (which professes altruism), but not all that happy. Another powerful faction – Bursaries, and her head Janine Matthews wants peace rules the mind, which embodies his faction. In addition, this creates problems for all residents of Chicago. Further complicating the situation, Beau, as is divergents, and thus has the opportunity to choose the faction that threatens the complete destruction of the familiar world order. All this translates into increases and the possibility of civil war. It will happen or not, the world will change if there is a war, we can find out in the second film.
Insurgent release date is March, 20, 2015.
DVD release of Insurgent is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2015.

Insurgent release date on Bluray will be in the very beginning of 2016.

Other details of Insurgent movie:

The director of this film is Neil Burger, which is known to us by the popular film "The Illusionist", released in 2006. Incidentally, an interesting fact on his way to work on the painting "divergents" – the entire cast, in his decision, before filming was a two-month course recruit.
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