Ink and Bone Release Date

Ink and Bone release date

Ink and Bone release date has been rumored. The detailed news is given below.

Dimension Films announced in early 2013 the start of the production process of the movie titled as Ink and Bone, but to date the information about this project with a great story, which should inspire the audience, is extremely small. When to expect for Ink and Bone premiere? Get the information below.
The movie will be shot by the director Evan Daugherty. For Evan Daugherty this will be his directorial debut of shooting a feature movie, before this project he was involved in writing scripts for films in the genre of thriller and horror and also worked on a short comedy sketches.

The Plot:

In the center of the story told in the movie Ink and Bone is a young writer who doesn’t believe in ghosts and wants to prove that they do not exist. The real movie fans to easily find certain similarities with the famous movie "1408" filmed after the novel by Stephen King.
The protagonist has just finished the work on his novel, and he now remembers with horror that his house became his prison. In this confined space becomes a reality all the inventions that he had ever written down on paper, writing his novels.

Ink and Bone release date has been rumored

The project’s producer Bob Weinstein was passionate about the script from the very beginning and greed to participate, without even looking it up from beginning to the end.
Now we can only hope that the director and the actors will have enough skills to embody fantastic and horrific events on the screen.
We should expect Ink and Bone release date somewhere in 2016.
Ink and Bone release date on DVD and Bluray was scheduled for 2016 as well.
While waiting, watch the video related to Ink and Bone movie premiere:

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