Inhumans Release Date

Inhumans release date
Inhumans release date was scheduled. Will fans of the Marvel Universe be able to watch movies about these comics superheroes?
These issues are of interest to many users of the World Wide Web and on them the answer already exists. A race of superhumans was created as an experiment.
Marvel Studio started talking about making Inhumans movie in August 2014, but only 10/28/2014 was officially made a statement on the matter.
Inhumans will be included into the third "phase" and according to Kevin Feige, and perhaps in the future will be continued:
"We really believe that the Inhumans become possible new franchise in this universe".

Inhumans release date was scheduled

For the first time the characters’ of Inhumans appeared in the comics of" Fantastic Four "in 1965. They are a fictional race and at some point in its development co interacted with many superheroes and teams people X, the Avengers and the Fantastic Four.

Inhumans release date is November 2, 2018.
Have you ever read the original graphic novel?

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