Independence Day: Resurgence Release Date

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Independence Day: Resurgence premiere is a sequel to the popular science fiction movie to 1996 flick Independence Day.

Independence Day: Resurgence release date was announced for June 24, 2016. There is no information about the release date of Independence Day: Resurgence on Bluray and DVD. There is, however, an official trailer of the movie.


The crew of Independence Day Resurgence includes the director of the original movie Roland Emmerich. The script was written by Carter Blanchard, Nicolas Wright and Roland Emmerich. Actors of Independence Day: Resurgence  premiere are Mike Monroe, Liam Hemsworth, William Fichtner, Jeff Goldblum, Bill Pullman, Vivica A. Fox, etc.


Independence Day: Resurgence takes place 20 years after the initial alien invasion on Earth. Earthlings use alien technology  & create a new special program to protect the planet from a new invasion. But it never assist as the aliens decide to attack our planet again.

In Independence Day: Resurgence Day premiere the events take place 20 years after the events of previous film. The land is fully recovered from an alien invasion. The new generation of earthlings is actively developing alien technology. Many of them presume the fact that the aliens left the lighthouse, what is possibly able to bring back the invaders. Find the estimated location of lighthouse did not succeed. To counter new attacks by aliens, individuals get  created a global following system, what operates on the part of Moon, along with a military base.

David Levinson (also played by Jeff Goldblum) is headed by the system. His son Steven Hiller – Dylan (Jessie Usher) – became a fighter pilot, along with the president’s daughter, Patricia (performed by Mike Monroe). Despite all the evaluates applied, humans are still not ready for a new invasion. New attack from outside forces individuals to unite, to erase all borders  & close our eyes to the contrast in mentalities.

Interesting Facts

Jeff Goldblum is back. Bill Pullman has returned. So just why didn’t initial Independence Day’s star Is going to Smith come back to the business which assisted launch his big-screen career, now which will Roland Emmerich has collected the gang once again, 20 years later, pertaining to Independence Day: Resurgence?

The way the simple fact that the director recounted, Smith in the beginning was very thrilled about returning to Independence Day, where he’d when besides play courageous martial artist pilot Captain Steven Hiller. Emmerich told us that Will Smith doesn’t want to play in father-son sci-fi movie after the failure of After Earth.

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Independence Day: Resurgence Release Date
Independence Day: Resurgence Release Date
Independence Day: Resurgence Release Date

INDEPENDENCE DAY 2 Resurgence Trailer 2016

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