I, Robot 2 Release Date

I, Robot 2 release date

I, Robot 2 release date was confirmed. Get the details of the upcoming sci-fi movie.

Many fans of science fiction movies look forward on I, Robot 2 release date. Should we wait for the sequel of the upcoming movie?

The Plot:

Recall that the first movie is about the events of the distant future when technological advances jumped ahead, and robots have become the commonplace. Now these creatures are found in every family, performing many different jobs.
The first part of the audience learned about the robot, Sonny, who was accused of killing a man. Although it was almost impossible, because each robot has been programmed for not hurting people. What will happen if they do not comply with these laws and will go out of control? The investigation of the case involves Will Smith’s character – Detective Spooner Diehl, who was able to understand everything.

I, Robot 2 release date was confirmed

Millions of fans are eagerly waiting for the second part of this movie franchise. According to some rumors I, Robot 2 will offer the dangerous adventure in space. Let’s hope that the movie won’t be less great than the first one.
I, Robot 2 release date was confirmed for Q1 of 2017.

I, Robot 2 release date on Bluray and DVD is expected somewhere in summer of 2017. Check the updates on our site to get more details later on the upcoming release date of I, Robot.
Did you like the first movie? Will you wait for I, Robot 2 release date?

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