I Am Legend 2 Release Date

I Am Legend 2 release date

I Am Legend 2 release date was rumored again. Check the details below.

There is some interesting news about the release date of the sequel to the popular post-apocalyptic movie.
One of the most anticipated upcoming film premieres, no doubt, is a film entitled «I Am Legend 2". The question about when the release date of I Am Legend 2 excites many fans of Will Smith, Francis Lawrence, and other celebrities. Painting him is a prequel – prehistory – American feature films I Am Legend, is based on the eponymous novel by Richard Matheson and released in theaters in 2007.
The production of the movie, a genre which represents a cross between a fantasy, thriller, and drama, is engaged in film production company «Warner Bros. Pictures ». Director of the film made famous by Francis Lawrence and the author of the plot was Arash Amel. Pleasantly surprised and vibrant cast, taking part in the filming: Will Smith, Alice Braga, Willow Smith, Paradox Pollack, April Grace Darrell Foster and other popular actors.
Recall that the storyline of the first part of the movie revolves around the question of the transformation, as a result of a terrible epidemic of people into monsters. In turn, in the prequel, viewers will see what the root cause of this epidemic.

I Am Legend 2 release date was rumored again

I Am Legend 2 will be shown scenes monumental destruction of mankind, the last decisive battle in Manhattan, the destruction of Washington and New York, the end of civilization. And all this will take place directly in front of the famous Dr. Robert Neville, played by Will Smith.
In short, in the near future our eyes gaze at another grand, exciting and impressive motion picture.
I Am Legend 2 release date was rumored for 2016.

DVD and Bluray I Am Legend 2 release date is expected in 2016.
What do you expect from the sequel?

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