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There have been rumours that the sequel to a movie that has become iconic, I Am Legend, will be out some time soon. We have collected some information regarding the film that you may find interesting. I Am Legend 2 will be, naturally, the title of the sequel to a post-apocalyptic film. It is surely one of the most anticipated premieres for the upcoming months.

A story of a man who survived the apocalypse cannot be left without further development. Will Smith who played the protagonist is now associated with his character in the minds of cinema-goers. The fans of him and Francis Lawrence cannot wait to see how the things will turn out in the next chapter. The first film which went out on the big screens worldwide in 2007 is based on the novel by Richard Matheson with the same title, I Am Legend.


The film was produced and released by the Warner Bros. company, a film industry giant. It is a crafty blend of genres which includes the elements of thriller, drama, and sci-fi. The film was directed by Francis Lawrence and written by Arash Amel. Starry cast consisted of the seasoned or prospective actors, such as Will Smith and his daughter Willow Smith, April Grace Darrell Foster, Alice Braga, and Paradox Pollack, among others.

The story

The plot of the first I Am Legend 2 chapter centers around the epidemics which has spread around the globe turning people into monstrous creatures and leaving a man searching for his own kind. The second movie is expected to be a prequel, in which the cause of the horrible catastrophe will be revealed. In the upcoming film, the last days of men will be shown, along with the details of New York’s and Washington’s destruction, especially the apocalyptic battle scenes in Manhattan. The central character of the horrible events will be the well-known Dr. Robert Neville. For those who haven’t seen the first movie, it is the protagonist whom Will Smith played.


If everything goes as planned and desired, we will see a new epochal, dramatic, spectacular, and very human fantasy movie in 2016. In this case, I Am Legend 2 will be out on Blu-ray and DVD somewhere in the same year.

Would you be excited to see the second chapter of I Am Legend?

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