How to Be a Latin Lover

How to Be a Latin Lover is a hilarious comedy film created and planned to be initially released in the USA and later in the countries of South America and all over the world. That’s a comedy film created under the direction of Ken Marino. The script was created by Chris Spain in cooperation with Jon Zack. The production matters were carried out by Eugenio Derbez and Ben Odell together with 3Pas Studios. The cast of How to Be a Latin Lover includes Eugenio Derbez, Salma Hayek, Rob Lowe, Kristen Bell, and others. How to Be a Latin Lover release date has already been officially announced.
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Maximo (portrayed by Eugenio Derbez) has developed his career while seducing wealthy women. One day he gets married to a rich woman twice older than him and even more. In twenty-five years, he gets bored cause his wife is about eighty now and waking up next to her makes him feel more than simply embarrassed. However, what looks even more embarrassing is that she decides to dump him for a car sales clerk. He has to leave the family mansion and feels desperate because he has no idea where to go. He has to move to his estranged sister’s place. She’s named Sara (portrayed by Salma Hayek). She’s got a son named Hugo (portrayed by Raphael Alejandro). He’s nerdy, but adorable. They start living together in a tiny apartment. Maximo is willing to get back to his luxurious lifestyle and his target is the grandmother of his nephew’s classmate named Celeste (portrayed by Raquel Welch) – an elderly widowed billionaire.
How to Be a Latin Lover

Maximo does his best to revive himself as a Latin lover. Step by step he starts to realize that sincere relationship and love is a lot more than getting a fortune.


On the 5th of June 2015, there was an official announcement about Eugenio Derbez and Benjamin Odell working on a comedy script for a new film entitled How to Be a Latin Lover. In October of 2015, Ken Marino was invited to deal with direction matters of the film. In April of 2016, main cast was announced. In May of 2016, Mckenna Grace became the member of the cast.
How to Be a Latin Lover

How to Be a Latin Lover Release Date

The trailer for How to Be a Latin Lover became accessible on the 21st of December 2016. How to Be a Latin Lover will hit the big screens of American cinema theatres on the 28th of April 2017. The production matters are carried out by Lionsgate’s Pantelion Films.

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