Hotel Transylvania 3 Release Date

Hotel Transylvania 3 release date

Hotel Transylvania 3 release date was announced by Sony Pictures and Columbia Pictures. The details are further in the post.

In the fall of 2015, the premiere of the second part of the wonderful animated masterpiece Hotel Transylvania 2 by Sony Pictures Animation Studios and Columbia Pictures was released.
Sony Pictures Animation is currently producing Hotel Transylvania 3 premiere and shared some details.

The Plot:

Transylvania may seem to sound like a scary word, but in this story, it’s not intimidating black castle and lovely hotel, no less than the dear Dracula. The leader of the vampires creates a hotel for the rest tribesmen.
But the most curious little people are always interested in the castle, as the walk many strange stories about this place, everyone wants to know the truth or fiction.
So the main character, a young man funny accidentally falls into the lock, and then it becomes a regular guest because liked the pretty little daughter of Dracula.

Hotel Transylvania 3 release date was announced by Sony Pictures

Soon they had a wedding, and this means that people will now have to live side by side with the vampires, as it did not want the father of Dracula and future great-grandfather.
The story does not end there, the young couple is born a wonderful little boy, it takes several years, and the boy’s parents going to visit people on the paternal side and leave the child with her grandfather Dracula.
Here begins the most interesting and funny stories, attempts to recount the youngster, and make it a most fearsome vampire.

Hotel Transylvania 3 release date was announced for September 22, 2018.
DVD and Bluray release date of Hotel Transylvania 3 will happen at the end of 2018.
While waiting, please watch Hotel Transylvania 2 movie trailer 1:

Do you like this movie franchise? Do you want to watch the third movie?

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