Hello Kitty Movie Release Date

Hello Kitty movie release date

Hello Kitty movie release date will definitely happen. When, how and why – learn in the extended news.

Imported from Japan Hello Kitty brand is one of the most popular and recognized ones around the world – and soon it will appear on the big screen. Hello Kitty movie premiere was officially announced and currently it is still in development.
It seems as though still in its early stages, although Deadline reports that there is the schedule  to watch the movie in cinemas around the world in 2019.
It is unclear at this stage how the movie will look – whether like the animated movie or possibly a hybrid of animation/live action. The funding of the project is provided by Japanese company Sanrio. They recently set up a subsidiary company in the United States specifically for making the movie. The movie has the indicative budget of $160 – 240 million.

Hello Kitty movie release date will definitely happen

The Plot:

Existing for more than 40 years the story of Hello Kitty centers on a cute white cat who lives in London with her family. She goes to school, bakes, collects things and loves to play with the twin sister Mimmy. The character has been adapted in several television shows that have been produced since 1987, the longest was Hello Kitty Paradise that was produced during 12 years and it has made 35 episodes.
The approximate Hello Kitty movie release date is in 2019.
Wait for the official statement about Hello Kitty movie release date on Bluray and DVD.
Watch Hello Kitty short movie to understand what it is:

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