Hellboy 3 Release Date

Hellboy 3 release date

Hellboy 3 release date has been rumored. Read the latest news.

Nowadays the franchise Hellboy consists of two movies. Both movies were very successful from a commercial point of view. However, the results at the box office cannot be called brilliant, so that since the release of "The Golden Army" took several years (recall that the premiere tape held in 2008), and the question is where should we expect for Hellboy 3 premiere.


Recall that the movie franchise begins during the World War II. As is known, the Nazis were engaged not only genetic research but also the study of the occult sciences. A combination of these things gives startling results. So this time, in a secret laboratory, scientists opened the door to hell and created a demon that must be a secret weapon of the Nazis. However, the laboratory was seized by a detachment of the Allies, and a formidable weapon turned against its creators. However, it soon became clear that close the gates of the other world are not so simple. And humanity has had to face much more dangerous creatures than even Hellboy (as it was depicted in comic books).

Hellboy 3 release date has been rumored

In the second part of the franchise, apparently, the director (Guillermo Del Tor) received the most creative freedom. And so I was able to bring a lot of new ideas, including visual. The plot again revolves around the struggle between good and evil, a role which is quite unexpected act elves and thereafter Tolkien’s books, of course, we used to see impassive creatures guard truth and justice. Be that as it may, the events of the film unfold continuously between two worlds, and to watch it very interesting. Moreover, the character of Hellboy is going through a real transformation and changing before our eyes.

Interesting facts and news

The first move earned at the box office a little more than $ 100 million with a budget of 60 million. And the second part with a budget of $ 85 million collected almost 160 million.
Hellboy 3 release date has not been yet announced. It seems that the movie will appear only in 2017.
It was confirmed that the shooting of Hellboy 3 will start on July 4, 2014.
Hellboy 3 release date on Bluray and DVD will happen not earlier than at the end of 2017.
While waiting, watch Hellboy 2 movie trailer 2:

Will you wait for the new movie about the charismatic red superhero?

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