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Hagane no renkinjutsushi is a special film, that will be dazzling for people of all the ages. The genre of it is the thriller and you must know it. The premiere of the serial will be on the 8th of May in the year of 2017, so very soon you will enjoy it at all.


Talking about the main actors in the cast, it is important to underline such talented people, as:

  • Ryosuke Yamada.
  • Tsubasa Honda.
  • Dean Fujioka.
  • Ryuta Sato.
  • Misako Renbutsu.
  • Yo Oizumi.
  • Kenjiro Ishimaru.

The director is Fumihiko Sori. The scriptwriter of this film is Hiromu Arakawa. All these people work a lot in order to make this film unforgettable.


Here in the center of attention, you will see the Amestris country, on the territory of which the events of Manga will be shown. This country for a huge amount of the years sees a lot of human transformations, which are caused by different means and measures.

In the center of attention, you will see the father of two brothers, who has the surname, Erik. His name is Van Guggenheim and he has no other idea, so he left the Roseburg and his family in order to make the greatest deal in his work. When the boys, we mean Alfons and Edward, grow up, their mother Trisha died of the uncured disease, but boys believe, that they will do everything in order to resuscitate her.

The two brothers decided to come to their father and they wanted to ask him for a help because they find the special notes, which he made when they were kids. Here you will see the forbidden part of chemistry, that learn a lot of human developments, and here you will see, that each person can be resuscitated. But also here you will know, that the effect of such deals can be different. Brothers learn their father`s diary and they make a lot of experiments in order to resuscitate their beloved mother.

That is the main plot of Manga and you will see it on the pages of the book. What will be the result of their deals and would they reach the aim? You must see it in order to know the truth.


This film is really interesting, thanks to its unusual plot. It is really charming, but you must know, that here there is the age limitation on its watch. If you want to spend the free time in a pleasant company, this new film will help you to do it and the result will be great.

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Hagane no Renkinjutsushi

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