Hacksaw Ridge

Mel Gibson and the Lionsgate studio have been preparing for us a new action drama to present it in theaters worldwide at the beginning of this upcoming November. Stay tuned in the case something new is exposed by producers.

Describing the project as a whole unity

Mel Gibson is not only a brilliant performer but also an experienced director. His latter skills turn to be of use when creating a new action drama under the title “Hacksaw Ridge”. The script of it comes to be developed by four authors including Robert Schenkkan, Randall Wallace, Andrew Knight, and Bill Mechanic. Randall Wallace worked, by the way, with Gibson on Braveheart where Mel was performing also a leading role.
Hacksaw Ridge Poster
The star cast combines such personalities Andrew Garfield, Sam Worthington, Luke Bracey, Teresa Palmer, Hugo Weaving, Rachel Griffiths, Vince Vaughn.
The development of the movie is as well lying on such producers as Bill Mechanic, Terry Benedict, David Permut, Brian Oliver, Bruce Davey, Paul Currie, William D. Johnson, and Tyler Thompson.
The group of studios includes Cross Creek Pictures, Demarest Media, Pandemonium, Permut Presentations and Gibson’s Icon Productions.

What is the storyline?

The story has a historical background. To begin with, we should note that it is set in 1945 during the three-month military assault Operation Iceburg. In the history, it is also known as the Battle of Okinawa.
Hacksaw Ridge Promo
The definition “Hacksaw Ridge” was particularly the name of the location where a severe two-week confrontation was taking place. The army of the USA was confronted by Japanese soldiers on the rocky cliffs of Okinawa.
Desmond Doss is here the main hero, a conscientious fighter who has saved 75 men without even carrying any weapon serving as an army medic. He was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor then deserving it without any doubts.

Showing courage under fire

The producers from Lionsgate, the fabrication studio of the film, have brought a poster to it on which the true World War II tale is shown. The trailer that is available on our service as well won’t leave unfazed as the true conveying of people sufferings should make us think over the necessity of maintaining peace all-around the globe. Killing each other will not lead to something good. It is a complete destroying of human feelings and positive, as well as people’s positive sides.
Hacksaw Ridge Cast

Regarding the release

This autumn will be packed with horror premiers, as well as thrilling and romantic films. However, the historical drama will a rare a case. One of these cases will be this one. The Hacksaw Ridge release date is already defined as November 4, 2016.
To make a long story short, we should mention that there are only three months left before the premiere. That is not a so long period of time. Nevertheless, let’s arm ourselves with patience and wait following our service in the case something new is exposed by producers.



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