Goosebumps Release Date

Goosebumps release date

Goosebumps release date has been announced. When to expect for the new Jack Black movie?

Goosebumps will certainly appeal to fans of comedy horror films. If you are one of those who likes to tickle your nerves, then you should see Goosebumps premiere on the big screen. Note that the plot of comedy with elements of horror is a little different from the usual genre. The movie cast includes the famous comedian – Jack Black.

The Plot:

The movie’s protagonist is a guy named Zack, who moved with his family to a new town. Zack is hardly a nerd – he is a lover of parties and get-togethers, so moving to a provincial town transformed our hero’s life into a nightmare. Life goes as monotonous and meaningless as possible, as long as he has not met his neighbor, a cute girl Hannah. Young people immediately found a common language and tried to spend more time together. During the dialogue, the protagonist learns that his girlfriend is a daughter of the famous science fiction writer, who at this time is busy writing a series of novels under the title Goosebumps. This series of books is very popular among the residents of the town. Zack wants to meet the writer, so after a while, the protagonist becomes a frequent guest in the house of his girlfriend.

Some time later, Zack learns many interesting details about the life of the writer. And very soon Zak discovers his main secret: all the monsters, he writes about in his books, absolutely real. This is a terrible curse at the same time an important writer’s ability to turn into a hostage of its own ideas. Only he sees monsters and he alone can deal with them. The only way to compete with them is to destroy them in the book. This is the only way to help the writer to keep the monsters in a fantasy world, and to protect people from the terrible torment and nightmares.
However, all is not so simple. The situation got out of control at a time when Zack accidentally opens one of the unfinished books and reading it frees all the monsters that a writer with such difficulty destroyed by the descriptions in the book. Getting out of the world of illusions, monsters roam safely at the present time, committed a terrible crime. The main heroes have no choice but to take control of the situation and come up with a new way to deal with terrible monsters and return them to the pages of novels.

Goosebumps release date was scheduled for October 14, 2016.
DVD and Bluray release date of Goosebumps movie will happen in 2016.
While waiting watch Goosebumps movie trailer 2:

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