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Goonhamdo is an offbeat thriller, which was created in the South Korea. Here you will see the fascinating story, that will be interesting for people of all the ages. The premiere of the film Goonhamdo will be in the year of 2017 and that’s great.


When there is a need to underline the main actors in the cast, you mustn’t forget, that here only talented and experienced people will appear. They will satisfy you by their roles and by their play in this film. So, here are they:

  • Hwang Jeong-min.
  • So Ji-sub.
  • Song Joong-gi.
  • Lee Jeong Hyeon.
  • Kim Soo-an.
  • Johan Karlberg.

In the role of director and producer of such cinema masterpiece, you will see young Seung-wan.


The dramatic film by the title Goonhamdo is a real proud of South Korean cinema production. Here the main aim is to present the viewers the life of well-known Korean conductor, who has a bad destiny.

The events take place on the little Hasina Island, which is located near the Nagasaki city. When the time goes, there were found a lot of coal, so the scientists come here in order to know more about this beautiful place. Here appeared the complicated conditions and only a great physical work was a real quiet to live here happily and fully. A lot of people here wanted to earn a lot of money for life, but there is a great death danger every day, so not everyone is able to work in such conditions.

The main works were held below the sea, so it presented the new risks, which are connected with the work on the production. At the beginning of the war pitmen decided to change their instruments for work and now their main aim was to stand the interests of the country and people, who were sent to the front. In order, the mine to present the income there appear the Chinese slaves, who were ready to do everything, despite the unusual conditions for work.

So, the Koreans decided to name the Island as Goonhamdo. Here among the workers, there was jailbirds and intelligence. And, among this people, there were Li Ghan, who is a well-known owner and a conductor of the national orchestra. He is the very talented man with great skills.


That amazing film with the unusual plot will be mind-numbing for all the viewers. You will remember it for a long time with the best emotions.

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