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Going in Style is an upcoming remake of a well-known American comedy with the same title released in 1979. The direction is carried out by Zach Braff. The author of the script is Theodore Melfi. The cast includes Matt Dillon, Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, Alan Arkin, Joey King, and Ann-Margret. The film follows a company of pals who dare to get into serious crime affaires because of their desperate financial position. Going in Style release date has already been announced and you can find it if you read further.


Going in Style is a remake of a film with the same title released in 1979. The original film’s direction was carried out by Martin Brest and the cast included George Burns, Art Carney, and Lee Strasberg portraying three elderly friends. These three pals constantly experienced financial troubles and lack of money made them do strange things like eating dog food. One day they decided that they were fed up with it. The plan was simple: they simply decided to rob a bank. The trouble is that they can’t even hold a gun in their hands and in general, all of them are quite clueless. That’s a satirical depiction of how the life of the elderly goes in America and what a person is able to do when pressed with circumstances. A new version of the film is almost the same.
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  • Morgan Freeman portrays Willie
  • Michael Caine portrays Joe
  • Alan Arkin portrays Albert
  • Joey King portrays Brooklyn – a granddaughter of Joe.
  • Matt Dillon portrays an FBI agent named Hamer. His task is to catch the three elderly robbers.
  • Ann-Margret portrays the love interest of Albert named Annie.
  • Christopher Lloyd portrays the character of Milton
  • Siobhan Fallon Hogan portrays Mitzi

Going in Style


On the 12th of October 2012, New Line Cinema and Warner Bros. made the official announcement about the development of a new film that will be a remake of Going in Style movie released in 1979. Theodore Melfi was invited to create the script. Donald De Line dealt with production matters together with Tony Bill (he was the one who produced the old version of Going in Style). On the 9th of January 2013, Don Scardino was announced as the director of the project. On the 19th of September 2013, Melfi was suggested as a director. In November of 2014, Zach Braff was invited to work on the direction of the film. On the 19th of November the same year the cast was announced.
Going in Style

The photography and filming started on the 3rd of August 2015 in NYC. Some of the scenes were filmed in Astoria, Queens.

Going in Style Release Date

Going in Style is promised to hit the big screens of cinema theatres on the 7th of April 2017.

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