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Going in Style is an original film, which will present you the elements of comedy and crime. It is created and produced in the USA, so you will be very interested in it. The premiere of the film Going in Style appeared in the broadcast on the 10th of August in the year of 2016.


When there is a need to underline the main people in the cast, here it is important to mention the following characters:

  • Joey King.
  • Morgan Freeman.
  • Ann-Margret.
  • Christopher Lloyd.
  • Michael Caine.
  • Peter Serafinowicz.
  • Matt Dillon.

In the role of director, you will see Zach Braff. The producers of the film are Bruce Berman, Tony Bill, Samuel J. Brown, Donald De Line, Michael Disco, Toby Emmerich, Andrew Haas, Jonathan McCoy. The scriptwriter is Rodney Charters.


Here in the center of attention, you will see the three pensionaries, who have a very dull and monotonous life. Their names are Willy, Jo, and Albert. Everything, what they have is the social money, so each day they just go for walks in the park and read the fresh magazines and newspapers. Also, they really like to feed the birds here.

Each day they spend together because it will help them not to be bored and to discuss everything, what happened in the world. But one day they just tired of such a life, so they decided to turn one of their dreams into reality. They want to stick up the bank and with help of this money come to Vegas, where they will have fun for all the years, which they spend together.

It was so interesting for them to create a plan in order to become happy. So each day they think over the details – that helps them to dream and to wait for the day, that will become the unforgettable one.

Everything wasn’t so easy, so in the end of the story, they will have the punish for this deal. But, despite all the appeared problems, that help them to become younger people.


Sometimes each person needs to do something unbelievable. These three guys are the example of how to live correctly and to have fun. At the beginning of the film, they didn’t think of the consequences, which may appear here. But, that plan will help them to live happily and to enjoy each moment of their plan. You can watch this film with all members of your family. The result will be great and you must know it.

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