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Godzilla is a cartoon and some kind of fantastic film, which will charm both adult people and children of all the ages. The premiere of the film Godzilla will be in the year of 2017, so very soon you can afford yourself to watch it.


In this film, you wouldn’t see a huge cast of actors, but you will be satisfied with because each person is very talented and super cool. They are:

  • Yuki Kaji.
  • Mamoru Miyano.
  • Jun`ichi Suwabe.
  • Kana Hanazawa.
  • Sakurai Takahiro.
  • Tomokazu Sugita.

The directors of the film are Hiroyuki Seshita and Shizuno Kobun. The producer and scriptwriter is a very talented man by the name Gen Urobuchi.


As you can understand, it is so hard and unbelievable for the humanity to live the life calmly. Each time one or another character of creature wanted to destroy the world and injure the big amount of people. So now you will see Mother, Hide and Rodan, as the menace for the mankind. This tripersonality forced Godzilla to come back because only she can make the world balance and redress and injustice.

The calm life can stop in one moment for each person on the Earth planet. The main reason for it can be a huge monster with unbelievable power. It appears from the nowhere and started to crash everything on the way. People just try to run out in order to find the comfortable place to live. Her the decision was made in order to get the help of the military people. Godzilla is very hard to injure, so the tanks and military ships are just a little barrier for it. So he makes little efforts to destroy them. Now the mankind must use all the strength in order to live the life fully and to have no problems with such character.

The story about Godzilla is already listened by everyone, but now you will have an opportunity to watch the new version. This bloodthirsty creature got up by the needless strategy. And all the people didn’t see such monster before. The most unusual thing is that this monster didn’t think about everything – he just killed and destroyed everything, what he likes.


Despite that is a cartoon, you mustn’t forget, that it will bring you a lot of unanimous emotions. You and your children must be ready to watch it from the beginning till the end. That is the only way to estimate it at all when watching.

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